The strongest community

4LAN consists of gamers who help and support each other, creating a friendly community of gamers.

#1 server hosting .

We use quality professional hardware for our server hosting making them the #1

Friendship .

Look at 4LAN as a group of friends that plays games on a larger scale.

Welcome to the 4LAN Community .

We play a variety of games ranging from video games to Dungeons and Dragons to Paintball.

We are a community that originated as a group of friends that organized LAN – Local Area Network party’s and since then we’ve built it into something much greater.

Play on one of our server!

We host a multitude of fun and active server that allow you to play alone or with friends.

3 Community managers

Keeping the community happy and safe, organizing fun events!

5 admins

Dedicated to keeping the servers up and running

87 Players

around the world